The 18 Best Brooms for Hardwood Floors Reviews 2023

Hardwood floors can instantly add a hint of luxury in your house. When not properly cleaned and maintained, however, it can be an eyesore. Dust, scratches, and stains, among others, will make it easily wear out.

To keep your floor in its tip-top condition, it is advisable that you use the right broom, including those that are briefly mentioned below. The best option would be one with soft bristles that won’t scratch or damage the hardwood in any way.

Best Broom for Wood Floors

Our team spent hours of thorough research to come up with a list of some of the best products that should be on your radar. We examined the materials used, as well as the opinions of other users.

1. Evriholder SW-250I-AMZ-6 FURemover

Specifically designed for the removal of pet hair, this hardwood broom has thousands of reviews from verified purchasers on Amazon, which can provide an assurance of its quality. It is made of 100% natural rubber and also comes with a built-in squeegee, making it a versatile cleaning tool. The telescopic handle, meanwhile, can be adjusted from 36 to 60 inches.

2. Bissell Smart Details Broom

This broom is made of horsehair bristles. It is known for being incredibly soft and gentle on hardwood to prevent scratches as you sweep. There is a collapsible handle, which is great in terms of space efficiency for its storage. Some people, however, noted that the bristles can be easily prone to shedding.

3. Bissell Lightweight Pet Hair Broom

Another broom from Bissell, it is known for easily picking up pet hair, making it a good choice if you have a cat or dog at home. The bristles are made of rubber, which is known for their static to be effective in sweeping tiny pet hairs. Because of the rubber bristles, it can be heavier than a regular broom.

4. MEIBEI Multi-Surface Indoor Broom

This broom comes with synthetic fibers that can easily get rid of dust on your hardwood floor. It is wide enough to pick up more in one go. Best of all, you can have it replaced within one year of use if you are unhappy in any way with its quality.

5. TreeLen Broom and Dustpan Combo

This is a good choice if you are looking for value for money as it comes in a set with a broom and a dustpan, both of which have an adjustable handle. The two can also be snapped together for upright storage. There is also a built-in scraper, which will come in handy for removing tough dirt.

6. OXO Good Grips Sweep Set with Extendable Broom

It has flagged bristles with feather-like texture, which will be great for being gentle on the hardwood floor. There is a wide sweeping path, which will allow you to clean more dirt in one go. It is also great in terms of compact storage as the broom can snap on the dustpan and will stand upright.

7. Fuller Brush Fiesta Kitchen Broom

If your kitchen has hardwood floor, cleaning it will be easy with the use of this broom. Its bristles are made of polystyrene, but it is not as stiff as regular plastic, so you can be confident that it will not scratch the surface. It is also lightweight, making it comfortable to use.

8. Gloyy Push Broom

With the wide cleaning path, it will be effortless to clean hardwood floors. It has rubber bristles, which are soft enough to not cause scratches. You can use it even for cleaning glass windows. The material used makes it easy to pick up even pet hair. The handle is also adjustable from 30 to 60 inches.

9. LandHope Long-Handle Push Broom

Built with rubber bristles, it is 50% more efficient in cleaning compared to regular brooms. Its best application will be the removal of tiny pet hair because of the static. The built-in-squeegee is also a good thing as it makes it versatile for other cleaning applications.

10. Fox Trot Fur Buster Rubber Broom

With the built-in squeegee edge, it can be effective in easily cleaning liquid spills on your hardwood floor. Meanwhile, with hundreds of dense and durable rubber bristles, it can also easily pick up pet hair on the floor without worries that it will damage the hardwood.

11. EuroShine Dutch Rubber Broom Head

The electrostatic action of the rubber bristles allows this broom to work for both wet and dry cleaning. The rubber used is a durable material, unlike others that are prone to shedding. This is only a broom head. Good thing, it can fit in standard handles.

12. RAVMAG Rubber Broom and Squeegee

Designed with natural rubber bristles, it will make cleaning hardwood floors a breeze. It is also easy to wash and clean. Nonetheless, some might not like the fact that it does not come with a telescoping handle. The squeegee can also leave some wet spots, so you have to clean thoroughly.

13. Sweepa Rubber Broom Head

Like most of the brooms that we have mentioned above, it also comes with rubber bristles. It is soft and does not make any noise when you are sweeping while being tough enough for dirt to cling on the bristles, even tiny pet hair.

14. WISPsystem 90-degree Angle One-handed Broom

This is an innovative broom that is equipped with electrostatically charged bristles, making it efficient in picking up dirt on your hardwood floor, including pet hair. It is lightweight and sturdy. The 90-degree angle is also great, especially in terms of cleaning areas that are hard to reach.

15. ElectroSilk ElectroStatic Silicone Broom

With the silicone bristles of this broom, it will be effortless to get rid of pet hair on the hardwood floor without scratching the surface. It has the revolutionary silicone injection technology, for easy collection of dust and dirt, regardless if you are cleaning wet or dry floors.

16. Casabella Magnet Pet Broom

Like the last two brooms that have been mentioned above, it also has electrostatic bristles that have been specially designed for picking up pet hair. It has a three-piece pole that is easy to assemble. There is a one-piece bristle made of rubber unlike others with hundreds of strands.

17. Casabella Quick ‘n Easy Upright Broom and Dustpan Set

It has ultra-soft bristles that won’t be harsh on hardwood floors. The head of both the dustpan and the broom can be detached for versatility. The dustpan is also great because of the rubber lip to pick up dirt easily. The exploding bristles, meanwhile, are great to pick up even small dirt particles.

18. Pet Buddies FurStatic Pet Hair Broom

Getting rid of pet hair on your hardwood floor no longer needs to be a hard task with the use of this broom. Its head is made of TPR rubber that easily picks dirt on the surface, which is also a material that will be easy to clean and maintain.

Hardwood Floor Brooms FAQs

Before we end this post, allow us to provide enlightenment on some of the questions you might have.

What is Flagged and Unflagged Bristle?

When the bristles are flagged, they are frayed at the end, which allows it to pick dirt easily. Unflagged, on the other hand, only have straight ends. Unflagged bristles can be stiff, which is why they are not a common choice for hardwood floors.

What is the Best Bristle Material for Hardwood Floor Broom?

Generally, you need to avoid those that are made of stiff materials as they can easily damage the hardwood. It is best to go for soft bristles. Most of the products mentioned above have rubber bristles, which are gentle on wood and can also easily pick up dirt, especially pet hair.

What is the Best Way to Dust Hardwood Floors?

It is not enough that you use a broom to dust and clean your hardwood floors. Essentially, what the broom does is that it will only push away dirt, but some particles will remain. According to experts, it is best to sweep the floor first, dry mop, then vacuum. It can be quite tasking, but it provides an assurance that the surface will be left spotless.

Can you Vacuum Instead of Sweep Hardwood Floor?

Definitely, yes! Vacuuming is less labor-intensive, making it perfect if you are feeling lazy. However, this may not often be enough. If you want the hardwood floor to be spotless and well-maintained, it would be best to sweep and vacuum, even if it requires time and effort on your end. Using brooms alone can leave fine particles of dust on your floor.

How Do You Clean a Broom?

The best way to clean a broom is to use warm water with detergent or mild cleaner. Make sure to dry the broom before storage. It is recommended that you clean the broom often for hygiene purposes and to make sure that dust or dirt won’t just eventually return on the floor.

Wrap Up

Take care of your hardwood floors and make it longer-lasting with the brooms that have been mentioned above. They are made of excellent materials that can help to get rid of dirt and dust without causing damage to the surface.

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