The 22 Best House Slippers for Hardwood Floors 2023

Hardwood floors are elegant, classy, and stylish. In many instances, they can also be expensive. For this reason, many homeowners are proactive when it comes to care and maintenance. Among others, one thing that will help is to use the right slippers.

The house slippers specifically designed for hardwood floors are comfortable to the wearer while making sure that it does not scratch the flooring material. It should also have a strong grip, as hardwood floors are usually slippery. They must be breathable and airy.

Clueless about which house slippers will be best to use if you have hardwood floors? We are here to extend a helping hand.

Top House Slippers for Hardwood Floors

After spending several hours researching, our team came up with a list of some of the house slippers that will ensure your comfort while protecting the hardwood floor.

UGG Men’s Kenton Slipper

With 100% suede construction, this is soft and comfortable enough for home use while being protective of the hardwood floor. It has wool lining inside, which does not only make it fluffy, but it is also great in keeping your feet warm.

MAIITRIP Men’s House Slippers

This pair comes with a micro-fleece liner, which will be effective in making you comfortable even when it is cold at home. The lightweight TPR sole won’t scratch the hardwood and it will not slip as well, making sure of your safety.

Long Bay Men’s Memory Foam Slippers

One thing that we loved the most about this product is the use of memory foam, which allows it to provide a customized fit based on the shape of your foot. It has a non-slippery rubber sole. The upper is made of wool-blend fabric while the inner lining is terry cloth.

Acorn Men’s Digby Core

Even The Wirecutter recommends this slipper for men, highlighting that it is one of the cheapest you can find on the market. It is made of memory foam and has arch support, making it comfortable and supportive even if you are walking on hardwood floor.

Hanes Men’s House Slippers

We loved the Hanes Fresh IQ technology, which protects it from foul odor. It has a gripped sole that will prevent you from sliding on hardwood floor. Meanwhile, there is a memory foam cushioning, which is thick enough to last long.

Funky Monkey Men’s House Slippers

With the Berber fleece insole that you can find in this slipper, this will be the perfect companion during winter as it makes the feet warm. The TPR outsole, an eco-friendly material, is also praised by many because it is strong despite being thin and lightweight.

Pembrook Men’s Slippers

Like most of the slippers that are listed in this post, this is another one that comes with a memory foam insole. It has a fleece exterior and lining to make it more comfortable. The non-skid outsole, meanwhile, is great as it won’t cause marks or scuffs on your hardwood floors.

UGG Men’s Ascot Slipper

The insole of the slipper is covered with sheep fur, which can guarantee your comfort.  The outer, on the other hand, is made of water-resistant suede. The pure wool lining, meanwhile, is known for being moisture-wicking.

NDB Men’s Warm Memory Foam House Slippers

With the memory foam insole, you will get to enjoy a cushioned footbed that responds to the shape of your foot. It is made of synthetic skin suede, which does not absorb water. It also comes with a rubber sole that will prevent it from slipping on hardwood floors.

Feet Feel Men’s Canvas House Slippers

The design of this slipper is simpler compared to those that have been mentioned above. It looks like the usual slip-ons that you will see in hotels. Nonetheless, it has a thick and wear-resistant outsole while being breathable and having a comfortable fit.

World’s Softest Cozy Slippers

The name already speaks for what you can expect in this product. It is made of a luxurious acrylic blend that is supportive and comfortable. Worn like socks, it has foam padding inside to make you comfortable when walking on hardwood. There is a durable nylon lining for a secure fit.

Acorn Women’s Moc Slipper

Pretty and functional – these are two of the things that you can expect from this slipper. It is made of a combination of fleece, fur, and Berber, all of which will be soft to the touch and will make your feet cozy.

Home Top Women’s Soft & Comfy Knitted House Slippers

If you are looking for a pair that is hard to match when it comes to aesthetic appeal, this should be on your radar. The upper is knitted and it has a coral fleece footbed that will provide a comfortable cushioning. The outsole, on the other hand, is non-slip rubber.

Donppa Women’s Fluffy Memory Foam House Slippers

Aside from its heavenly fit, many of its users also revealed that it is quiet, making it great if you often walk on hardwood floors. It also has an antiskid sole, which will be important for your safety at home. Plus, it has fine-edged seams that are not easily prone to tearing.

Jessica Simpson Faux Fur Women’s House Slipper

For stylish designer slippers that will make you look fashionable even at home, this pair will be perfect. The cushioning is made of thick memory foam, which can absorb impact as you walk on your hardwood floor, making sure you are comfortable.

Rock Dove Women’s Nordic Slipper with Memory Foam

With the Nordic-inspired design of the knitted upper, this is another beautiful pair that should be a part of your list. It has a rubber sole, which will have a strong grip not only on hardwood floor but even on concrete and other surfaces, making it a great choice even for an outdoor slipper.

Beverly Rock Woman’s Satin Spa Thong Slipper

Even if you move all day at home, you might not complain of discomfort because of the design of this slipper. It has faux fur all around, which your skin can easily feel. The sole, meanwhile, is sturdy while being easily flexible.

Haflinger Women’s AS20 Slipper

With 100% wool construction, this is another pair that will be effective in keeping your feet warm while you are at home. Aside from temperature regulation, it is also known for its ability to naturally wick moisture. There are rubber traction dots on the outsole for a strong grip on hardwood floor.

Elais J. Women’s Sheepskin Plush Slippers

It is a pair that is made od 100% real wool. The rubber sole, meanwhile, is great for maintaining excellent traction on hardwood floor. Plus, if you are unhappy, you can return it within 30 days and the manufacturer will provide an unconditional refund.

ISOTONER Women’s Terry Slip in Clog

Like most of the products that are mentioned in this short guide, it also comes with an anti-skid rubber outsole. It has plush micro terry upper, which will make the feet feel more comfortable. It also has multilayer EVA, which is the one responsible for providing exceptional arch support.

Long Bay Women’s Faux Bunny Fur House Slippers

It is one of those slippers that will surely be able to turn heads. Used indoors, this can promote the highest level of comfort because of the high-density memory foam cushioning. The faux fur, on the other hand, makes it soft when it touches the skin.

Caramella Bubble Fox Fleece Women’s Slippers

This is another one with a cute design that is hard to resist. It even has bunny ears and whiskers! More than the pretty looks, it will also be comfortable. It has a soft fleece fabric that will cradle the foot and has supportive memory foam.

House Slippers for Hardwood Floors FAQs

Before we end this post, let us have a look at some of the common questions about house slippers for hardwood floors and we will answer them:

What is the Best Outsole and Insole Materials?

To each his own. However, basing it on the products mentioned above, memory foam is the best for insole material. It provides customized and responsive cushioning. It is thick enough to absorb pressure in every step.

The outsole, on the other hand, is best when it is made of rubber. It is good for hardwood floors because it is non-slippery. To add, rubber does not also scratch the surface. Plus, it can significantly minimize the noise created when you are walking.

Can You Wear House Slippers Outside?

There are some products that are rated as indoor and outdoor slippers, which means that you can use them even outside. Nonetheless, we strongly suggest against this. Your house slippers should be used only indoors to prevent dirt and bacteria harboring in your home. The moment you opened the door at home, take off your shoes and wear your designated house slippers.

What is the Difference Between Men’s and Women’s House Slippers?

Basically, the one for men tends to run larger because men’s feet are naturally larger than that of women. To add, men’s slippers are also simpler. As shown above, many women’s slippers can even make a fashion statement.

Can I Walk Barefoot?

Walking barefoot on hardwood floor is not recommended, especially if your feet get sweaty. To add, you might also need additional warmth when it is cold, so wearing slipper is advisable. Hardwood can also be too stiff and can put too much pressure on your feet.

Wrap Up

There are many things that can help you feel more relaxed at home. One that should not be ignored is the right slipper. Consider the options mentioned above to be sure of your comfort while also preventing damages to your hardwood floor!

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