Best Laminate Floor Polish Reviews (2022): Our Favorite Solutions To Use

If you want to keep your laminate floor looking like new, you’re in the right place. The same is true if you’re researching a way to restore shine to older flooring.

We’re going to review the best laminate floor polish in a moment. But first, we have something important to confess.

You see, floor manufacturers recommend avoiding polish and wax. Either one can leave the laminate looking dull and streaked.

The best way to make this type of flooring shiny is to mop it with one of the best laminate floor cleaners. And you can buff it with a microfiber cloth, too.

Best Laminate Floor Polishes 2022 Reviews

1. Bona Stone, Tile and Laminate Floor Polish

Bona’s product is the only safe option for polishing a laminate floor. It’s also good for stone and tile as it’s based on urethane.

You should only need to apply it once every couple of months to maintain a shine.

There are three advantages to the Bona polish. The first is that it is GREENGUARD-certified to be non-toxic to humans and pets.

The second is that its water-based formula dries quickly without creating a buildup on the surface.

And finally, the high gloss finish fills in tiny scratches to make the flooring look brand new.

Please note that while many customers report success using this formula on laminate and Pergo, others say it leaves a haze and streaks that are hard to remove.

Our advice is to follow the instructions to the letter and contact Bona directly if you have questions about the polish’s compatibility with your floor.

You may get better results if you clean before you polish with the Bona product below.

2. Bona Stone, Tile & Laminate Floor Cleaner Spray

Before you polish your laminate, use Bonakemi’s cleaner spray to remove grime. Spritz it directly on your mop with no dilution needed.

Then clean the floor as usual. The water-based formula doesn’t have a strong odor, and it dries quickly.

Although the spray cleaner is safe for stone, tile, linoleum, and laminate, it’s also GREENGUARD-certified to be non-toxic to pets and humans.

3. Bona Stone, Tile & Laminate Floor Care System

If you’re not already equipped with a mop, take a look at the Bona floor care system kit.

It comes with the cleaner as well as a mop handle, cleaning pad, and dusting pads.

Both of the microfiber pads are machine-washable. And they measure 4 by 15 inches in size to help you clean the floor faster.

4. Weiman Wood Floor Polish and Restorer

Perhaps you’ve heard of Weiman’s Wood Floor Polish. It’s compatible with laminate, vinyl, and stone tile, not just finished hardwood.

That makes it versatile for all-around the house. It’s also non-toxic.

The polish works to fill in microscopic scratches in the flooring then it forms a protective layer on top.

Users report mixed results. Many are very pleased with how well the formula restores shine to their flooring. And a few say that the finish wasn’t as spectacular as they hoped.

5. Quick Shine Multi-Surface Floor Finish and Polish

The Quick Shine Floor Finish works on hardwood, tile, stone, vinyl, and laminate floors.

It doesn’t require dilution—just squirt it onto a mop and spread it on clean flooring.

Holloway House (maker of Quick Shine) recommends washing the floor beforehand with their own MultiSurface Floor Cleaner. At the very least, they say to damp mop with water first.

One main benefit of the Quick Shine polish is that it’s a Safer Choice product.

This term means that it meets EPA standards regarding its ingredients, level of VOC emissions, pH, and even packaging.

Overall, it’s not only less toxic to people and pets, but it’s also less harmful to the environment when compared to similar polishes.

In summary, many users say that the Quick Shine formula works very well on their laminate flooring.

There’s only one caution if you have white floors. One customer reports that the polish makes white flooring look yellowish.

6. Quick Shine Concentrated Floor Cleaner

We suggest the Quick Shine floor cleaner for mopping before using their floor polish.

It’s advantageous to use products from the same company line because they tend to work more effectively together.

And this concentrated liquid is also certified Safer Choice just like the polish.

Other ways to polish a laminate floor

Laminate can be a challenge because it can’t be refinished like hardwood. Once the top layer is scratched, laminate loses its shine. You might even see the particle board underneath. In that case, try using a marker to restore the color.

Set of 6 Assorted Furniture Repair Markers

Choose from black, mahogany, maple, oak, cherry, and walnut-colored markers to touch-up scratches on laminate floors.

You may also find the perfect laminate repair kit at your local flooring store or by contacting the manufacturer.

Next, instead of applying a polish or way, try cleaning the floor extra well. Most of the time a deep cleaning will restore shine to a dull laminate floor.

Start by dust-mopping or vacuuming carefully to remove every last bit of debris. Then grab your preferred laminate floor cleaner and a microfiber mop.

Spray the cleaner directly onto the pad, not onto the floor, because too much liquid can damage laminate.

Rinse the pad or change pads while you’re mopping if the first one gets too grimy. Be sure to wring it out well.

You can also dry the floor with a dry pad or lint-free cloth. In fact, buffing with a dry cloth may produce the shine you desire.

You can also achieve a deep clean with a steam mop for laminate. The steam lifts up grime and dries quickly enough that it doesn’t damage laminate flooring.

After you’ve thoroughly cleaned the floor, chances are you’ll see a satisfying glow there.

And then you can still apply one of the best laminate floor polishes to maintain the shine as long as possible.


The best laminate floor polishes fill in micro scratches and create a protective layer without leaving a hazy residue.

They might be just what you need if deep cleaning doesn’t bring back the shine to your laminate flooring.

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