Best Vacuum For Tile Floors (2023): The Most Effective Ones You can Buy

Tiled floors present a special challenge to a floor vacuum cleaner. Whether they are ceramic or natural stone, they hold onto dust that dulls their appearance.

Sweeping may leave fine particles behind, and wet-mopping can leave streaks. The best vacuum cleaners for tiled floors have powerful suction and attachments that leave the surface spotless.

Best Vacuum for Tile Floors 2022 Reviews

When you shop for a vacuum to clean tile floors, consider whether you’ll also want to handle carpets, area rugs, furniture, drapes, and your car with the same machine.

Chances are you’ll find the perfect vacuum for all your needs.

1. Kenmore 10701 Bagless Compact Canister Vacuum with Turbine Brush

Although Kenmore only offers a 1-year warranty on their 10701 Compact Canister Vacuum, it’s inexpensive for all the features it has.

For example, it combines HEPA filtration with a bagless canister that’s easy to maintain. And it comes with a floor brush specifically for hardwood, tile, and laminate.

On the other hand, you can also use the 10701 with the Turbine Brush on carpet or area rugs. And while you work, the 360-degree swiveling air hose lets you move freely.

Unfortunately, the power cord is only 16 feet long. But the telescoping wand helps compensate for that.

When you want a vacuum that works well all throughout the house, but won’t wreck your budget, this one is a good choice. Or you can check out the next three canisters below.

2. Bissell Hard Floor Expert Deluxe Canister Vacuum Cleaner Machine 1161

Bissell’s 1161 Hard Floor Expert has adjustable suction to accommodate a variety of tasks.

It comes with a hard floor attachment with soft bristles to unstick debris from tile or hardwood.

And it has rubber wheels with felt treads that won’t scratch surfaces like laminate.

Owners praise this quiet canister vacuum for its ability to suck up fine dust and hairs from tile. It has a compact form factor, and it’s easy to operate.

And although there’s no HEPA filter, the dirt bin is very easy to empty.

3. Miele Compact C1 Pure Suction Canister Vacuum

While the Bissell 1161 runs quietly, the Miele C1’s motor is even quieter. But that doesn’t diminish its power at all.

In fact, it’s praised by pet owners for how it neatly cleans hair from surfaces and crumbs from tile floors.

Although it has no motorized brush roller for cleaning carpets, it has a floor vacuum attachment with soft bristles that can clean area rugs without a hiccup.

Plus, this canister is very maneuverable with 360-degree swivel wheels and a long power cord.

The six levels of suction power let you dust drapes as easily as you vacuum upholstery.

Even though it requires a bag for dirt collection, each bag lasts for months. And best of all, Miele offers a seven-year warranty.

4. Miele Complete C3 Marin Canister Vacuum Cleaner

If you want superior suction, protection against allergens, and the ability to clean the whole house with one tool, you want the Miele C3 Marin Canister Vacuum.

It has six levels of suction that it automatically selects for you as you move from bare floors to carpet. Or you can adjust them yourself with a foot switch.

Next, the C4 comes with the Parquet Twister attachment for cleaning tile, hardwood, or linoleum.

Plus, the steel telescoping wand and long power cord give the vacuum a 36-foot range between outlets. And when you’re done cleaning, the cord has a one-touch rewind button.

The C3 also cleans medium to plush carpets with a wide powered brush roller that has an LED headlight.

And it has a sealed air system with a HEPA filter and a bagged design that’s ideal for reducing allergens in the house. Finally, the C3 comes with Miele’s 7-year warranty.

5. Dyson Ball Multi Floor 2 Upright Vacuum

The Dyson Ball Multi Floor 2 Upright comes with a 5-year warranty. Plus, its HEPA filtration system is certified by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America.

But it might be overkill if you only clean tile floors in your home. Instead, this powerful vacuum is ready to take on all sorts of cleaning.

It automatically adjusts its suction as it travels across bare floors and carpet.

And the radial root cyclone motor pulls up fine dust and hairs to leave flooring and upholstery spotless.

The 31-foot cord helps you access more of your home before you need to switch outlets.

And the instant-release wand embedded in the handle is convenient for removing cobwebs or vacuuming the sofa.

6. Dirt Devil Power Air Corded Bagless Stick Vacuum for Hard Floors SD20505

Let’s switch gears and look at lightweight stick vacuums that have excellent suction for their diminutive size.

The Dirt Devil Power Air is a corded model made specifically for hard floors like tile.

It only weighs 7 pounds and is usually listed at a bargain price.

It comes with a 20-foot long power cord, and it’s covered by a 2-year warranty.

7. Bissell PowerEdge Pet Hardwood Floor Bagless Stick Vacuum Cleaner 81L2A

If you have pets that shed, consider the Bissell PowerEdge bagless stick vacuum with a V-shape floor head.

This unusual form corrals debris in front for quick pickup. It also fits into corners and cleans along baseboards like a pro.

The PowerEdge is another 7-pound vacuum with swivel steering for rapid cleaning. Although it doesn’t have a HEPA filter, it has an easy-to-empty dirt bin.

And pet owners love the way it helps them control hair and crumbs in a jiffy.

8. Eureka NEC122A Power Plush Cordless 2-in-1 Stick Vacuum

The Eureka NEC122A cordless stick vacuum has a plush brush roll to shine your tile floors without you needing to wet-mop them.

Plus, it only weighs 5.5 pounds and converts to a hand vac. As a hand vacuum, the included attachments let you clean your stairs, your vehicle, and your furniture, too.

9. VonHaus 2-in-1 Corded Bagless Lightweight Stick Vacuum Cleaner and Handheld Vacuum with HEPA Filtration

The VonHaus bagless stick vacuum is an inexpensive option that offers HEA filtration with washable filters.

It also comes with a shoulder strap for ultimate portability, plus plenty of attachments for all around the house.

10. SharkNinja NV801 Shark Duoclean Powered Lift-Away

The Shark Duoclean NV801 is a lift-away vacuum that separates into a hand vacuum for cleaning cars or dusting ceiling fans.

When it’s time to take care of tiled floors, just press the button that switches off the brush roller for cleaning carpets.

While the pet multi-tool freshens up surfaces covered in pet hair and dander, the HEPA filter keeps the allergens trapped inside.

11. Dibea 600W Lightweight Corded Stick Vacuum

The Dibea corded vacuum improves on standard stick design with features like a large 1-liter dirt cup, a 19.7-foot cord, LED lights, and a surprisingly low weight of just 4.6 pounds.

It even has a HEPA filter, and it stands up on its own for storage.

12. Eureka Mighty Mite Corded Canister Vacuum Cleaner 3670G

Fans of the powerful Mighty Mite canister vacuum like that it weighs just 9 pounds and comes with a 20-foot power cord. It even converts to a blower to manage leaves in the fall.

Users love its potent suction that picks up the tiniest of particles from tile floors. Since it comes with a HEPA filter and disposable bag system, it’s very effective at eliminating allergens.

And the package includes extension wands and attachments for vacuuming upholstery.

13. Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute Lightweight Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Let’s move on to cordless vacuums that give you total freedom of movement while you clean.

At the head of the line stands the Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute that runs up to 60 minutes per charge.

For a cordless vacuum cleaner, its suction power is unbeatable. And it can vacuum carpets without difficulty just like tile floors.

Like many cordless vacuums these days, the V10 changes into a hand vac.

And it has three power modes that include plain suction with no motorized attachments, the torque drive for rugs, and the soft roller cleaner head on bare floors.

14. BLACK+DECKER HSVJ520JMBF61 Cordless 20V Max Lithium 2-N-1 Stick Vacuum

Not everyone wants a Dyson when they can have a Black+Decker cordless stick vacuum. That’s because customers say the Black+Decker has a longer runtime.

And Consumer Reports praises its “superb cleaning across bare floors.” Finally, the brush roller that works so well on tile comes off to vacuum surfaces like laminate.

15. Shark Rocket DeluxePro Ultra-Light Upright HV321

Shark’s Ultra-Light Upright HV321 pulls apart to reveal a convenient hand vacuum when you press a pedal at the base.

With the lightweight canister and the handy attachments, it’s almost a pleasure to suck down cobwebs and vacuum stairs.

There are two speed or suction settings on the stick that switch between tile floors or high-pile carpets.

And the LED headlights plus the 30-foot power cord help you get to everywhere you need to clean.

16. iRobot Roomba 690 Robot Vacuum with Wi-Fi Connectivity, Works with Alexa

Tired of cleaning your tiled floors? Set up the Roomba 690 to work while you’re out of the house.

The battery lasts for an hour of vacuuming; then it will dock itself, recharge, and go back to cleaning where it stopped earlier.

You can schedule it with the iRobot HOME app or control it with the Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa.

17. Eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 11S

For more cleaning time on a charge, try the eufy RoboVac 11s. It runs up to 100 minutes at a time on bare floors or low-pile carpets.

Its BoostIQ programming automatically increases its suction when it needs more power.

Plus, it comes with a remote control and doesn’t need to access your home Wi-Fi at all.

18. ILIFE V5s Pro Robot Vacuum Mop Cleaner with Water Tank

The ILIFE V5s robot vacuums and wet mops your tile floors. All you need to do is swap the dustbin for the water tank, then select the correct function.

It runs up to 140 minutes without needing to recharge. And it’s the best all-in-one solution for automatic floor cleaning.

19. Bissell Symphony Pet Steam Mop and Steam Vacuum Cleaner for Hardwood and Tile Floors

Once you’ve vacuumed your tile floors, do you mop them, too? Wet mopping is one of the best ways to shine up the surface.

But a steamer is the most effective method to sanitize and deep clean without chemicals.

The Bissell Symphony Steam Mop is the perfect steam vacuum cleaner for sealed hardwood, tile, stone, and vinyl floors.

It’s adjustable between vacuum, low steam, and high steam modes.

Plus, the box includes aroma discs, machine-washable mop heads, and disposable Swiffer pads, too.

And when you finish the job, you can dump the collected debris without dirtying your hands.

20. Bissell PowerFresh Steam Mop and Tile Cleaner 1940

The Bissell PowerFresh Steam Mop model 1940 is ready to disinfect tile floors 30 seconds after you hit the power button.

It has three steam settings clean delicate surfaces like laminate or deep-clean sticky messes.

Plus, it has a flip-down scrub pad to erase grime as fast as possible.

21. HOOVER Hardwood Floor Cleaner FloorMate Deluxe Corded Bare Floor Cleaner with Foldable Handle FH40165

The Hoover Hardwood Floor Cleaner can scour tile flooring to an immaculate appearance with its SpinScrub Brushes and DualTank Technology.

To translate, there are both clean and dirty water tanks so that the brushes never smear dirty water around on the floor.

This also keeps the grout looking good. And you can even dry the tile while you work with the built-in suction.


As you can see, you have lots to choose from in our review today. There are many vacuums for tiled floors, whether you prefer an upright or stick or a canister.

There are also robotic vacuums to do the work for you, and cordless models that turn into hand vacs.

You can find HEPA filtration for allergens and vacuums with pet hair tools. Then some models have accessories to clean upholstery, sweep stairs, and dust draperies.

And no matter what your budget is, there is a vacuum cleaner that will meet your needs.

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